Year 12 trip to English play

Eintrittskarte Macbeth onlineOn Wednesday, 23rd of January, the higher-level English classes (year 12) went to watch the play Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, at the KUFA (Kulturfabrik) in Koblenz.
The play was performed by an English speaking theatre company and they used the original language in which the play was written.

The reason for this trip was to give the students the opportunity to experience a Shakespeare play on stage.

All students in these classes are about to work on either Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth during the next couple of weeks as part of the curriculum. After the play the question arose whether it was a good decision to go there or not and if the students understood enough of the play.

In the end the students and the teachers came to the conclusion that it was great to watch a Shakespeare play on stage so that the students could imagine more easily how Shakespeare wrote his comedies and tragedies and what his intentions were. In addition to that it was an opportunity for many students to go to a theatre play and the school had the chance to offer the students a completely new experience.

Neufassung und Regie:Paul Stebbings
Musik: John Kenny
Choreographie: Eric Tessier Lavigne
American Drama Group Europe und des TNT Ensembles

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